Re-Steep App for iPhone

About the app

Re-Steep is a timer made specifically for brewing multiple infusions of whole or loose leaf tea.

If you aren't familiar with re-steeping tea, it's a great way to get the most out of it. You start with a brief first infusion, and gradually increase the time for each subsequent infusion. Pu-erh & Oolong work well for this.

This app aims to solve two problems:

1. Brains aren't very good at remembering how many infusions you've done.

I always forget this, so the app remembers how long your last infusion was and what number your on.

2. Time pickers can be tedious.

To make setting up your next infusion as easy as possible, the app doesn't use a standard time picker. Increasing or decreasing the timer is done in pre-defined increments – either 10 or 30 seconds – by tapping a button. If your last brew was 2 minutes, increasing the timer to 3 minutes only takes two taps. That's less cumbersome than scrolling through a time picker.

To get started, here's an example session you can use:

(Stop when it tastes bad; keep going as long as it tastes good.)

1st infusion – 10 seconds
2nd infusion – 20 seconds
3rd infusion – 30 seconds
4th infusion – 40 seconds
5th infusion – 50 seconds
6th infusion – 1 minute
7th infusion – 2 minutes
8th infusion – 3 minutes
9th infusion – 4 minutes

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